15 Years. 4,300 Fellows. 1 in 2 identify as people of color. 70% continue to work in education. 1 in 3 Alumni in senior leadership roles. Talent to Transform.

乐游网app下载最新版本every child deserves the access to build the future they choose, yet today’s education system doesn’t equitably prepare children of color and those growing up in poverty for success in college, career, and life.

乐游网app下载最新版本education pioneers’ mission is to identify, train, connect, and inspire a new generation of leaders dedicated to transforming our education system so that all students receive a quality education.

Education Pioneers exists to uniquely bring leaders and their skills into education.

Founded in 2003, EP is a national nonprofit that brings leaders and skills to education. EP transforms the education sector by identifying great talent, attracting them to the education sector with cohort-based Fellowship programs, and developing their K-12 knowledge and leadership skills.

Talent matters. It is essential.

There is a massive – and often unrecognized – need for exceptional managers, senior leaders, and entrepreneurs in the education sector. The pipeline of talented managers, analysts, directors, leaders – and more – outside the classroom who enable teachers and students to be more successful inside the classroom are critical to achieve lasting, systemic change of the education system for kids. Great policies and tools must be implemented with excellence at scale. We need best-in-class talent at every level in education with expertise in data and analysis, operations, human capital, strategic planning, and program/project management that make and execute decisions so that principals and teachers have the resources, tools and capacity to provide a great learning environment for millions of students. 


Leadership matters in education. A recent study found that, after classroom-based instruction, leadership within the education system most impacts how well students learn in school.

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