Education Pioneers builds the pipeline of leaders outside the classroom to better enable teachers and students to be successful inside the classroom.

Research and decades of intervention show how difficult it is to drive systemic change in education. Great policies and tools must be implemented with excellence at scale—a practical challenge that requires talented leaders and managers at all levels. Education Pioneers has spent 15 years identifying and developing these transformational leaders. Here’s how:  


We identify high-potential leaders early in their careers and attract professionals to the education sector.

we scout the nation to find pioneers from a variety of backgrounds—business and policy graduate students, data wizards, operations experts, marketing professionals, and other professionals who want to work in outside-the-classroom leadership positions in education. our fellows are creative problem solvers outside of the classroom so students and teachers succeed in the classroom. 


We develop 乐游网app下载最新版本leadership skills and mindsets, after matching Pioneers with the right role for their skills and background.

we develop deep relationships with partner organizations—from school districts to nonprofits to charter schools—to understand what they need to advance their vision. we then match pioneers with the expertise and experience to help solve problems and complete mission-critical projects to better serve students and teachers. we provide fellows leadership development and encourage them to make a lifelong commitment to a rewarding, transformative career in education leadership. 


We amplify 乐游网app下载最新版本the impact and careers of our Pioneers.

By advancing Fellows through programming and a growing network of Alumni, we are catalyzing a network of leaders who together have greater impact than they could alone. Our network solidifies connections, careers, and strong support systems between our Pioneers and Partners in education—so that, together, we can work towards a more equitable education system. 

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